For Beginners


Ashtanga Yoga is the oldest described Yoga style; a practice that is thousands of years old and produces astonishing effects. It is an intense and valuable method for transformation.

öufiyoga teaches only students who seriously want to achieve transformation and who feel love for Yoga.

As a beginners student at the öufiyoga Shala you commit yourself to a regular practice,

  • at least 3x per week at the Shala
  • for at least 1 month.

For that commitment you receive an intense and personal, preciousintroduction into Ashtanga Yoga in the mysore style class.

Why so often? To come only once per week to class would not make sense for you nor for your teacher or the other students at the Shala. You would start every week again at almost zero. In spite of receiving an exceptional one-on-one teaching you would not learn the Ashtanga series, nor have a transformational benefit, but only reach a good feeling that would return weekly.

It’s the high frequency of practice that leads to the wished development. The frequent practice gets again and again ahead of the human tendency to fall back into old patterns and overpowers them.Besides that your teacher can only teach you correctly if she knows your change process, that means if she teaches you frequently.

The traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga (Mon-Fri/Sat.) transforms your life positively.

Ashtanga Yoga leads you to yourself. Do you want that?

Decide after your first class. Try it out.

Ashtanga Yoga method is universal, it is not mine or yours. That method is perfect, it is complete. Ashtanga Yoga is yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi – these are the eight steps which make up Ashtanga Yoga method. But first you take asana: “āsanaṃ prāṇasaṃrodhaś pratyāhāraś ca dhāraṇām, dhyānaṃ samādhir etāni ṣaḍaṅgāni prakirtita” (śandilya) upanisads are telling: first you start asana, asanas are your foundation.

This yoga is not for exercise. Yoga is showing where to look for the soul.

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009), Talk given at Puck Building, NYC 2001.


öufiyoga – Ashtanga Yoga Shala , Bielstrasse 109a, 4500 Solothurn, Switzerland.


Please send an email to marisol(at) before coming to class for the first time and inform us about the following:

  • Which experiences do you have already (Ashtanga Yoga, other Yoga styles, …)
  • When would you like to come?
  • Do you have special medical conditions (injuries, medicaments, …)

Please look up the schedule and the other informations on our website; they are up to date. Please read before coming to your first class also the suggestions for your Yoga practice under


  • First class/single class:  30.- (reduced 20.-)

Your first class is a special intense, valuable one-on-one teaching; also the classes in the following weeks in which you learn the primary seria of Ashtanga Yoga. It’s NOT a free trial class.

  • Just watching: for free

If you just want to get an impression how the Ashtanga Yoga practice looks like you are very welcome to come and watch a class (by registration).

More prices and member cards.

Moon Days

On Moon Days there is no mysore class.

Mysore Style

The classes at  öufiyoga Shala  are in the traditional mysore style. They are suitable for yoga beginners as well as for advanced practitioners. Beginners are introduced personally into the Ashtanga series and then taken deeper. Advanced students practice their series and receive assistance by the teacher.

The beneficial atmosphere of a mysore class comes from the meditative, powerful movement of the practitioners, their calm breathing and the personal assistance and guidance of the teacher.

There is no exact start time. Everybody comes to class at the anounced begin time frame, when it’s good for her/him, and practices in the own pace. Only the latest end time is given. More about mysore style …

To bring

Bring with you:

  • comfortable training clothings

That’s all you need. Practice happens barefoot.

Mats are provided.